quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Leaves Floating - (chapter I)

In that afternoon, we were drinking tea. In fact, just I was drinking tea. I didn’t remember what type of tea was, but I can remind the smell and also the colour of the herbs which mixed up together formed a warm light green liquid inside the cup. I could see the reflection of my face in that and although I’ve already sifted it; some leaves from the herbs were still in. There were also leaves from trees floating in the plastic pool in the garden where we were sat in the old glass table beside of that. Our backdrop exposed that the summer was almost finishing. I took a mouthful of tea and she did the same as me but with in her typical cup of coffee with milk, not much sugar.

When I saw her drinking outside in the yard she looked much better than our last meeting on the beach. Despite of the leaves and their feeling of melancholy and the a little bit cold weather the day was alive with brilliant brown and green colours for everywhere, at least, in that garden with big trees and a lot of space. She wasn’t totally happier but she was focused in herself, thinking about her future and her abilities. She was more talkative and, somehow, closer to me. Yes, she was my best friend when I was living in Australia despite of I saw her only a few times. I know it is insane but I learnt – by the worst way – that people you suppose you really know can surprised you and, sometimes, even pretend to you. So, I can say that she– who is a person that I really didn’t know very well – was my great and enjoyable friend in there.

She is from Italy, or rather, North of Italy. In the past, that area was belonging to Germany and, for that reason, her first language is German. However, she can speak Italian and, of course, English. She is younger than me and she has a boyfriend. In her place she used to enjoy dancing Carnival and she likes drinking, smoking and listening good music, including rock music, such as me. She likes The Strokes. Do I need to say anything else? Well, I think so. When I met her I was in my English class and she started to study in the same class as me and, for some reason, she sat in my side – when there were other empty chairs in the classroom. At the beginning, I was very concentrate in myself and in my own books and I didn’t realize her presence.

I was reading with my head and my eyes lowered, waiting for the usual introductions of new students in the class and I wasn’t interested in it all, but when she started to talk about her place I raised my eyes from the notebook and, by the corner of them, I could see her feet under the table. When I saw the chubby white feet with little brown dots, I was really surprised and was looking forward to seeing her. I was totally terrified. For my surprise she really reminded me my best friend in my youth. I lost my best friend forever. She passed away. I was only 14.


I tried to stop looking at her, but was almost impossible thing. I couldn’t.


My friend passed away when she was riding her bicycle. That is true. One stupid way to die, isn’t it? She was so young and filled of energy. She died one day after our ceremonies elementary school graduation.


[I'll write more later...]